Link building is one SEO subject that has caused no shortage of confusion, frustration and occasional elation among online business owners since it first gained importance – back in the days when simply having a hatful of links to your site from anywhere and everywhere was enough for a great ranking.

Since then, though, you may have heard stories about how link building is a no-no… about how changes to Google’s algorithms mean a ‘bad’ link can send your site down the search engine rankings. It might seem easier at times to just forget about link building, but our advice is: don’t. The right links are still extremely powerful in boosting the authority, credibility and – of course – ranking of your site.

Determining the good from the bad

Various factors separate a ‘good’ from a ‘bad’ link. A bad link will be one from a more ‘spammy’ site, one that lacks any real content or traffic. Meanwhile, a good site from which to gain a link will be everything that a bad site isn’t. It will have lots of valuable content, receive plenty of traffic and already boast a strong search engine ranking.

These are the sites that Google really values, and in short, you’ll be much better off having a small number of these high quality links than a larger number of bad links, given how the latter can not only prove unhelpful, but also actively harm your site’s rankings and return on investment (ROI).

Such thin margins of success and failure only make it all the more important for you to work with the right link building partner – a company like Jumping Spider Media.