When working to tweak your website’s text to more effectively, so to speak, push Google’s buttons, you should pay close attention not only to the on-page text, but also the text that makes up the URLs of your site’s different pages. Below, we disclose two simple ways in which you can change this latter text to encourage higher search engine rankings for your website.

Make webpage addresses more readable

Many URLs can end up with quite a lengthy list of random letters and numbers that basically mean nothing to Google’s search crawlers. However, if you manage your website’s content through a CMS, you could use a tool or plugin to transform a bewildering address like jumpingspidermedia.co.uk/sd9870-k2551 into something closer to jumpingspidermedia.co.uk/the-wonders-of-seo.

You could also insert a category title

For example, you could make something like jumpingspidermedia.co.uk/the-wonders-of-seo into an address more akin to jumpingspidermedia.co.uk/search-marketing/the-wonders-of-seo. This helps because, now, crawlers can use the address to identify the page’s more general topic. We at Jumping Spider Media can provide even more little tips like this – contact us now to get the ball rolling.