Trust: it’s hard to earn but easy to lose, in life as in business. However, what’s especially worrying about losing it in business is that your sales could consequently plummet, given that the level of trust your brand fosters is a major factor behind whether people opt to buy from you.

Fortunately, in many instances, following basic principles of good marketing will help you to garner that longed-for trust from customers, too. Therefore, you should remember to… 

Say what you mean and mean what you say 

You can demonstrate that by only promising what you genuinely think you will be able to deliver. Then, you should deliver it – and, if you only later realise that you can’t, explain the situation carefully and truthfully to the customer affected. 

Ultimately, you should do what you can to keep any slip-ups like this to a minimum – as there are plenty of other companies that the customer could turn to if they feel you have let them down. 

Act on opportunities to cast your brand in a positive light 

Not all publicity is good publicity. That’s why, when you are trying to get the word out about your company, you should be careful where you place your marketing messages. 

If you intend to contribute guest articles to other sites, for example, you should look for such sites that are relevant and respected in your industry. 

Address your customers’ pain points

Once you’ve used your social media pages to familiarise yourself with your customers and their concerns, you can create content that specifically tackles those concerns. Our reputation management services can help you to further position your company as informative, helpful and trustworthy in its field.  Would you like to explore the various ways in which our digital marketing services here at Jumping Spider Media could enable you to get the best out of your brand’s web presence – including by instilling trust in customers? If so, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.