With social media becoming an ever-larger part of our lives, many small and medium companies are beginning to ask whether investing in a website is necessary for a strong online presence. Below, we have rounded up the pros and cons of both social media and websites so you can make an informed decision on the right marketing strategy for your company.

The benefits of using social media to market your business

Social media is the ultimate marketing tool because it’s quick to use and it’s free. There’s a low level of commitment because you can leave it alone and come back whenever you want, and you can reach a global audience easily. Because social media encourages engagement, you can get closer to your clients and increase your sales, and it can be great for your overall business branding. Further, Twitter and Facebook both offer detailed analytics for free, helping you capture an audience.

…. and the drawbacks

Unlike websites, you don’t own your social media pages, and so anything could happen to your content. Because of this, it’s important to keep a back-up of your most important images, posts and videos in case anything goes missing. With social media, you also have to follow the rules and layout of their website, and there is less room for customisation than with your own website. In addition, social media is a public forum – if a customer says something you don’t like, you can’t delete it!

Why building a website works

Owning your own website gives you full control because you can edit and update it whenever you want. Despite an initial design fee, websites are cost-effective, offer your brand credibility and they are online 24/7, so you can sell goods or offer customer service options like a knowledgebase wherever your customers are.

… and why websites are bad

Most websites are complicated to put together, which means you will usually have to hire a designer and then an agency to manage your website, which can be costly. Further, websites require maintenance – content, updates and security are all factors you have to bear in mind. Finally, while some people see websites as a marketing tool, websites require their own marketing to build an audience, which can take time and be costly.

Mixing both a website and a strong social media strategy together is the most sensible marketing choice. If you need help managing your social media, writing blog posts or improving your website’s SEO, then be sure to trust the services we offer at Jumping Spider Media.