It isn’t hard to read up on various methods of amassing supposedly effective links to your website. However, one big problem is that the most widely-communicated methods of building links might not prove as effective for you as you originally expect – simply because, well, lots of other sites are also following those methods. Unsurprisingly…

One way of reacting to this dilemma is by seeking less commonly-used, but still effective, link buildingtechniques. That’s not easy, as you can imagine – but we at Jumping Spider Media can dispense the following tips to get you into gear.

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours

One traditional method is approaching the owner of another website in the same niche as your site and asking them to link to your site. However, you could find that a popular website’s owner is reluctant to provide this link if your site is still young.

An alternative method is to link to the popular site on your own site, before informing the other website owner of this and implying that they could return the favour.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But if it is broke…

We’ve probably all had occasions when we’ve been reading a popular webpage, only to click on one of the links and find that… it’s broken. However, if your website has a page sufficiently similar to the one this popular page was meant to link to, you could contact the site’s owner and suggest it as a replacement page for them to link to.