Expect the unexpected with this article – we’re giving you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to open the door to success in copywriting. Getting a feeling of déjà vu? Yes, a good start in ensuring good web copy is banning any mention of “expect the unexpected”, “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” and “open the door to your success” in the copy. Below are some more phrases that should never appear in your copy, whether it is because they have become overused or simply make little sense.

Tomorrow’s clichés today. Yes, that’s another one

A big problem with citing “tomorrow’s [something] today” is that the future can be horribly difficult to predict. So, if your website or company uses this phrase to describe something that later quickly becomes outdated, that doesn’t reflect well on your website or company. Also, you should never claim to “think outside the box” – ironically, claiming this could suggest that you are actually very predictable and conventional in your thinking.

Jumping Spider Media have experienced writers who have seen clichés like these many times in web copy, and can prevent them and others blighting your website. And that sentence is no cliché – it’s simply a straightforward and accurate pledge.