Did you know that the average typist has an error rate of 8%? In other words, every 100 words they type includes 8 mistakes. In an article as long as this one, that rate would translate to 24 errors – that’s a lot! You likely wouldn’t be impressed if you saw that many in this article – but, thankfully, we know how many especially common errors can be avoided. Here is just a slice of what we know about keeping copywriting mistakes at bay.

Failing to proofread and edit

While the spelling and grammar checks built into your word-processing software can certainly catch a lot of typos that could otherwise go unheeded, there remain particular errors that they would be incapable of spotting. These include needlessly wordy sentences and words used out of the appropriate context. This is why, after completing a first draft, you should spend a few minutes going through it with a fine comb, so to speak.

Going overboard with the clichés

The occasional, well-placed cliché in your copy can actually, believe it or not, serve it well. After all, some phrases become clichés exactly because they are very effective in getting across their point. However, using too many common phrases can leave your copy seeming inappropriately comical. So, think outside the box – ironically, that’s a clichéd phrase itself – when putting together your copy. Our skilled copywriters could do so on your firm’s behalf.

Failing to adhere to an established persona

“Be yourself” is advice that probably all of us have been given at some point – and it could apply well to not just individuals, but also companies. Once your company has built its unique persona, make sure that the copy on its website adheres to that persona. Failing to do this could just confuse the very people you seek custom from.