Has your site been on the receiving end of some harsh criticism on social media? That may well be a “yes”. After all, ranting about a firm’s poor customer service or product on Facebook or Twitter isn’t the same as doing it in a pub. On social media, the slightest bad feedback can spread to great numbers of other potential customers… fast.

How do you respond to it? Well, much depends on your corporate culture, the nature of your target customers and the event itself that prompted the online rebuke. If we’re honest, there are some companies out there that have gained capital from a social media controversy by embracing it – even making the causing of such controversy part of their online marketing strategy.

Of course, it’s extremely difficult for us to recommend such an approach. It’s much more likely that a solution-oriented approach, or even not responding at all, will serve you best. With Jumping Spider Media’s help, we can identify the best ways of fighting back against the social media bullies to resume control of your online image.

The companies that are most successful in doing this, above all else, have a plan. They keep an eye on online activity, think before responding, research the problem and take the high road in any response. Sometimes, though, it’s best to just walk away from any battle if you are to prevent an already ugly situation becoming even worse.

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