You only need to see the travails that certain household name companies or celebrities have been going through in the courts, on social media or elsewhere in recent times to see that just one or two negative headlines can severely damage a reputation built up over decades.

But what about your own firm? If a few negative reviews or comments about your business surface in the search engine rankings, what should you do, and perhaps even more importantly, what can you do?

Don’t panic…

One thing that you certainly shouldn’t do is over-react, even if the temptation to respond immediately to any criticism is difficult to resist. The truth is, almost any company will be talked about negatively online at some stage – and that’s without considering how some clients or customers are just impossible to please, no matter how hard you try with them.

That doesn’t mean that you should necessarily do nothing – just that it really helps to at least take a breather before considering your response to any publicly visible criticism. What is the root of the complaint? This will undoubtedly influence your response.

… and get in touch with the experts

Sometimes, though, it’s best to have a consistent strategy for dealing with those biting Internet detractors. This is where Jumping Spider Media’s reputation management services can be so invaluable. Talk to us about how we can employ certain tactics – like the creation of positive content – that help you to take back control of your company’s image online.

You’ll almost certainly appreciate the difference that it makes to your bottom line – both now and for many months and years to come.