OK, so you may be proud to have your own company website or blog for the first time, and you may know the basic tenets of good writing – like keeping your spelling and grammar shipshape. But what else defines truly great written content?

Certainly, good content is timely, tapping into existing trends, ideas and news stories, while also having a certain ‘evergreen’ quality, imparting information that will be relevant and useful to people reading your web copy, blog post or article several years from now.

You should also make your content unique, rather than slavishly copying themes or even exact phrases from other online sources, given the risk with the latter approach of Google penalising you in the search engine rankings.

What else? Well, your content should definitely be easy to share on social media, with a subject and headline that are likely to attract shares, comments and ‘likes’. The content should also be genuinely engaging and entertaining to read, perhaps even humorous if that fits in with your brand image, objectives and target audience.

Possibly most important of all, however, is to be highly authoritative. This is something that an amateur writer can especially struggle with, so if you do too, never be afraid to contact Jumping Spider Media for suitably professional copywriting services.

In the Internet age, ensuring that your written content is right is more than worth the money!

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