As Facebook Messenger has attracted more and more users over the years, Facebook has added an increasing number of features to this facility to inject even more fun into digital conversations. A fair few of these exciting features are especially useful for marketers…

All hail the comment guard! This is a bot that you can set up to automatically send a Facebook Messenger message to someone who comments on one of the organic posts on your company’s Facebook page. How could you get the most out of this feature?

Create an organic post likely to attract responses

While it’s your decision exactly what you put in that post, a few ideas are especially good for encouraging engagement. Those ideas include posting a quiz, riddle or survey; alternatively, you could just ask for opinions on a particular subject relevant to your niche.

When you notice a particular organic post attracting a flurry of comments, assign a comment guard to that post at the earliest possible opportunity. With that comment guard, you could ask the recipient whether they are interested in learning more about a specific product or service you offer.

Make the chatbot truly engaging, too

Once you’ve got someone’s attention with a chatbot, you don’t want that attention to waver. For that reason, you should be careful when crafting the text with which that bot will greet the recipient.

Keep things simple – for example, by asking a simple “yes” or “no” question and, perhaps, providing a freebie or two to everyone who engages with the bot. Rest assured that, with comment guards, any leads will be free, while Facebook will strengthen the visibility of popular organic posts.

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