Reputation is an important, yet fragile thing. In business, as in life, it can affect whether someone wants to form a connection with you or indeed, encourage their friends to do so. Therefore, it’s easy to see why a tarnished reputation can be disastrous for your business.

However, what mainly underpins your reputation? Simple: your character. This is why keeping your reputation in check entails addressing your character first. How can you do this?

How character and reputation are closely interconnected

Character and reputation can be quickly distinguished as thus: the former is objective, whereas the latter is subjective. No one other than you can change your distinct moral qualities; in other words, your character. However, exactly how other people perceive those qualities is your reputation.

Unfortunately, this means that the latter can often be in flux. If your business is hit by negative publicity, recovering can be difficult. Even businesses with otherwise clean reputations can be sent reeling by scandals; just think of Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, for example.

However, every business can be prone to occasional blunders. For this reason, if your company does make one, you can confidently expect to bounce back in the PR stakes if your business’s heart is in the right place. Basically, if you have good intentions, those will ultimately shine through.

Bad character is a fragile foundation for a good reputation

While it’s practically possible to conceal a bad character with a good reputation, Lex Luthor-style, it’s a very risky strategy. At some point, that unsavoury character will likely come to light – potentially leaving you with the worst of both worlds.

Now that you know where to start with building a reputation, why not trust our reputation management services to help you in preserving that goodwill? We can explain further if you give us a call on 020 8089 4404.