These days, it’s probably never been easier to reach out to individual employees of a company. Just think of T-Mobile US’s CEO John Legere and his strong Twitter following, as well as the profiles of senior Apple executives, including Phil Schiller and Eddie Cue, on the same platform.

Letting your own employees loose on social media can be good for your firm’s image; here’s why…

Your employees can become thought leaders

The term “thought leader” is common shorthand for individuals whose expertise in a specific field is widely recognised and often sought. Therefore, social is the ideal platform on which people under your wing can flourish as thought leaders – and even become brand ambassadors in the process.

Those thought leaders can attract strong followings of their own

Those recruits who do ascend to coveted “thought leader” status could attract interest simply on account of their own personality, knowledge and storytelling skill, rather than your company.

However, you shouldn’t be worried about this, as the employee’s followers are people who could otherwise be lost to competing businesses. That employee is basically your “secret weapon”!

You can improve your company’s internal culture

As a boss, it would undoubtedly be a source of pride for you to see employees of your company becoming respected authorities on social.

Imagine, then, how proud other people inside your company could be, too. It all helps them to build trust in these thought-leader colleagues. Over time, that trust will extend to other members of your company’s workforce.

You can help your staff to develop valuable leadership skills

Naturally, you want people joining your company at the bottom rung of the ladder to eventually develop into viable leadership candidates. However, as your thought-leader staff essentially hone their leadership skills on their own initiative, they can help to strengthen your firm’s reputation.