One might be tempted to dismiss reputation as something that is merely external and relatively uncontrollable. After all, what can you do about the occasional disgruntled person sounding off about you or your business on social media, or someone with an axe to grind writing a negative review of your products or services?

Well, it turns out that you can actually do quite a bit about your brand’s reputation on the web, whether you are in the middle of a reputational crisis or making proactive moves to protect your organisation’s positive image for years to come.

Here are some of the crucial first steps we would advise you to take – and don’t forget that you can also get in touch with our team about our own comprehensive reputation management service.

  • Assess your situation right now. This can be as straightforward to begin with as Googling your name or that of your brand. Do you like what you see in the search engine results? Make a note of what you find, and whether your online image seems to be mainly positive or negative.
  • Keep an eye on your search results. We’ve previously written about some of the tools that enable you to watch what is being said about you or your brand across the web. But don’t just watch – if you see comments, respond to them promptly and professionally. That might include thanking the commenter if they’ve said something positive, or offering help or solutions to the person who has said something less flattering, not least in order to demonstrate your resolve to avoid similar problems reoccurring in the future.  
  • Generate new, positive content. You might not be able to exert control over every channel online, but you can definitely control your own channels, such as your website, blog and social media profiles. By creating positive and helpful content, you can help to ensure this is what dominates the search engine results pages, while also going some way to avoiding or minimising future reputational risks or crises.

Not only is savvy online reputation management important for any brand, but such work is effectively never over, as you can never be entirely sure what dangers your organisation’s image may face in the future. That’s all the more reason to reach out to Jumping Spider Media about our own hard-won and renowned expertise in the management of reputations online.