“Be yourself.” This advice has been given to many of us, commonly when we have been preparing for a job interview or to ask someone out.  However, we think that there is one good reason, above all, why this advice is repeatedly given: it is very wise and borne out of much human experience. We at Jumping Spider Media also think that it is worth emphasising for when you are seeking to promote your company through use of our online marketing services.

Some wise words from one of the Mad Men

Don Draper, the character in the popular American television drama series ‘Mad Men’, once said: “If you don’tlike what’s being said, change the conversation”. This can be interpreted as meaning that you don’t have to try to portray your company as something it isn’t in order for it to be popular. You can still attract your target customers to your company through being authentic.

Accurately portray your company’s unique character in marketing – for example, when using, with help from Jumping Spider Media, copywriting and posts on the social networking websites Facebook and Twitter. You can then expect target customers to both find your company and identify with it.