While it’s true that Facebook remains the most popular social media platform, Instagram is picking up the pace when it comes to product promotion. Industry research by TrackMaven has shown that brands will experience the highest engagement on Instagram so for those who want to connect with a more engaged audience, it’s certainly worth a download alongside some of these tools.

Create a contest with Wishpond

Wishpond’s Hashtag Contest App is a great marketing tool. You assign specific hashtags for the app to automatically track and set rules, such as requiring people to follow your account to qualify for the contest. Brand visibility can also be increased by requiring people to mention your Instagram handle in their posts. This is a successful way to both engage your current followers and gain new ones. The app comes with a real-time analytics feature that helps you keep track of how your contest is performing, making you aware of where you need to improve in the future.

Schedule posts with Later

Successful brand awareness via any form of social media can only be achieved if you post regularly. Not only that but the content that you post needs to be meaningful. If you don’t always have time to keep up with your posts, create a visual content calendar with Later and keep better track of what and when you post. This tool will let you preview how your posts will look on your Instagram feed so that you can perfectly plan the aesthetics.  

Keep an eye on post engagement with Iconosquare

Do you know how well your posts compare to those of your competitors? You might think it’s impossible to find out the answer, but Iconosquare is a comprehensive analytics platform that will provide you with metrics to measure your follow growth, identify follower location and analyse the performance of your posts in real-time. This way, you’ll know when the best time will be to post new content and which hashtags encourage the most engagement.

Promote your storefront with Scoutsee

As an e-commerce store, you’ll know that Instagram will only allow you to add one link to your bio and won’t let you add links to your posts. This can put you at a disadvantage because it means that prospective buyers are only able to use your account as a form of window shopping, something that may ultimately deter them from buying if they have to spend time finding the product in the post. This problem is solved with Scoutsee, a tool that allows you to create ‘shoppable posts.’ Create your own storefront, add a link to it in your bio and when you share a post, mention that users can click this bio link for more information. When customers click this link, they’ll be taken to your storefront and can easily purchase the product they want on the product page.

These are only a few of the tools available for Instagram that you can use to promote brand awareness and ultimately boost your sales. If you want more information on how to promote your products, contact us today.