B2B – business-to-business – marketing has long been reputed as the rather “dull” brother of B2C – business-to-consumer – marketing. However, contrary to common misconceptions, B2B does not call for the staid approach of distributing white papers and technical documents.

Just look at the following upheavals that we can anticipate seeing in the B2B world this year.

Marketing automation

Successful marketing doesn’t just depend on delivering effective messages; another crucial factor is when exactly you deliver them. If you automate routine B2B tasks, you can not only save time but also present highly personalised content to tempt prospects at different stages of the sales funnel.

Though marketing automation technology still awaits further development and refinement, you could soon start using it more frequently to send content when your prospects especially need it.   

Content personalisation

Personalising emails is a common marketing tactic across various industries, but it noticeably fails to hold as much sway in the B2B sphere. This discrepancy in adoption might surprise, but research by B2B software vendor Seismic has found that insufficient resources and data are often to blame.

Fortunately, it looks like 2018 might finally be the time for B2B content personalisation to emerge from its shell. Such automation tools as Evergage have made this marketing strategy more financially palatable for small businesses; it has already proven effective for firms that have used it.

LinkedIn marketing

Promotion gurus are already familiar with the merits of social media for B2C marketing – but, for the B2B equivalent, you shouldn’t overlook LinkedIn specifically. The Microsoft-owned site has introduced an array of features aimed at making it even better-primed for B2B marketing initiatives.

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