Social media can be a powerful tool in promoting your business. However, it can be a double-edged sword because it can actually have adverse effects on your corporate success if it is used sloppily. Thankfully, experts here at Jumping Spider Media can point out potential pitfalls of social media marketing – including these…

Heavily relying on making automated posts

Though some social media posts can be automated with few resulting issues, you can make a much better impression on potential customers if you use your company’s social media account to directly interact with them, especially to address their unique concerns.

Failing to regularly add new posts

If you saw a company’s Facebook page only to discover that they have not added a post to it since April 2014, you would probably suspect that they are also lax in running other aspects of their business. Update regularly to try to avoid giving people that unfavourable impression of your business.

Using Twitter to regularly send adverts by direct message

If you set up a Twitter page for your business, do not use it to often send people advertisements through the direct message feature – unless they have asked for it. This practice can otherwise seem too intrusive.

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