If you run a UK-based company, it is understandable if you want to primarily focus your efforts on attracting customers from this country. After all, the majority of these people will be better positioned than citizens of other countries to take advantage of what your company offers. However, the United States is such a lucrative market that it can be well worth your consideration. There is – largely – a common language between the UK and the world’s largest economy, but there still remain crucial factors to think about in preparation for online promoting to the States.

Stick to the right behaviour – oops, we mean behavior

For a start, you must remember to get the language right. American English is not exactly the same as British English, and failing to take heed of this can make your company seem sloppy to potential customers on the other side of the Atlantic. You should also keep in mind that Americans have a high number of behaviours and traditions that noticeably differ from our own, and this could influence what keywords you should have your website rank highly for. Even operating from the UK, the web marketing agency Jumping Spider Media can assist you with all of this.