Achieving direct engagement on Facebook adverts has commonly been a problem for small businesses. Interacting with, capturing the attention of, and being useful to your followers is the key to success on Facebook. It is not as simple as just putting an advert on Facebook and letting the social platform do the work for you. The text, image and audience you select are vitally important. Here are some tips for creating the ultimate advert on Facebook.

Test your images

When you create a Facebook advert, the image you use must be less than 20% text. This does not include the text that accompanies the image, but the actual text on the image. Images that contain more text will be penalised by Facebook, and the reach may be lower, or they won’t show at all. Facebook often takes a couple of days before they register the text in your image, so to avoid having to restart the advert with a new image, always test your images before you create an advert. Use this link to check the text in your image.

Spend time on your text

The headline is one of the most important aspects of any Facebook advert. Make sure to use the 25 characters wisely and design a headline that will best promote your product or service. The body of your advert should also be a big focus before you start running the campaign. Try to keep it short, remember only the first couple of lines will be visible on the news feed, and the rest will be hidden under a See More button. Keep it short and to the point to draw in your audience.

Focus on your audience

Facebook’s Audience Insights tool should be utilised by any Facebook user looking to create an advert on Facebook. This way, you can learn about specific audiences before spending money on targeting them. You can use this data to find out who your target market is and you could consider creating unique ads for each audience. This will bring you better success as you can tailor the advert to create something that will engage a specific audience.

There are just some of the ways you can improve the success of your Facebook adverts. Get in touch today for more tips or to find out about our social media services.