Considering that the video sharing website YouTube has one billion unique users every month and is the Internet’s second most-searched website, you certainly shouldn’t overlook the great potential of using it to online promote your company. The implications of optimising your company’s YouTube channel largely differ from those of optimising its main website. For that reason, we at the web marketing company Jumping Spider Media reckon that you should carefully read the following tips for using SEO to help your company to attract more hits for its YouTube channel.

Carefully use several elements of the video for optimisation

In order for each individual video of the channel to appear prominently in search results, it needs to be properly optimised. There are several different aspects of the video to consider here. One is its title, which should be concise but include relevant keywords. Another is its description, as this is used by YouTube algorithms to comprehend what the video is actually about. We recommend that you begin with concise sentences when writing the description, because only its first 135 characters are actually going to appear in search results. Also, to assist with geo-targeting, include location data on each video where you can.

Integrate the YouTube channel with Google+

Google+, the search giant’s own social networking website, can be especially useful for small companies that want to attract local visitors to their YouTube channels. If you haven’t yet integrated your company’s YouTube channel with its Google+ page, you should do so promptly. You might not find the integration process entirely straightforward, but it can be an ‘easy once you know how’ scenario. You should remember to arrange to have a Gmail account connected to both YouTube and Google+ before – with, what we expect, decent ease – you follow particular instructions provided by Google.