Email has, over the years, preserved its affordability and effectiveness as a marketing medium. However, you shouldn’t expect to gather a steady stream of new customers if you simply fire off a few promotional emails with copy lifted directly from your website. There’s a definite art to catching attention through email marketing; here are some pointers for doing so.

Provide timely content

What content should be in your marketing emails? A clue could be in emerging developments relevant to your target audience.

For example, if you run an accountancy firm and the deadline for submitting tax returns is approaching, you could offer tips for preparing a return. Meanwhile, as spring is now here, a cleaning company could advise on the matter of spring cleaning.

Segment customers into distinct groups

As members of your emailing list could noticeably differ in their preferences and interests, why not break up this list to help yourself submit especially relevant content to different buyers?

If you decide against this and instead just send the same messages to everyone, those messages could end up overly generic in your effort to appeal to everyone in one fell swoop.

Include a call to action

Your exact choice of call to action should depend on the email’s content. If you are reminding the customer that they have left an item in their basket on your site, or you want to tell them about a just-announced product, then naturally, you should urge them to buy.

However, if the email is focused on simply providing advice, you could end by directing the reader to your website and, to be specific, a comprehensive article which itself recommends a purchase.

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