If you find Twitter confusing, or you just don’t understand how to best use the tools it can offer to maximise your business leads, then its new Twitter Dashboard application could be the social media companion you need.

Available for desktop and iOS, Dashboard offers business owners a chance to manage their social media presence and interact with customers who are talking about their services, without having to navigate the website itself.

Unlike third party software such as Hootsuite and TweetDeck, Dashboard was designed for novice Twitter users who have little free time to manage their social channels. With an easy-to-follow interface, Dashboard makes Twitter more accessible and convenient for everybody.

What are the benefits of using Twitter Dashboard?    

The benefits of using Twitter to interact with your customers are endless. You can build up a strong rapport with your clientele and introduce them to new products or services more easily than by using traditional marketing campaigns.

The Dashboard app is entirely free and allows you to schedule tweets, see what customers have been saying about your brand and react accordingly. In addition, the application features tips, tricks and tutorials to help users make the most out of their Twitter channels.

What are the drawbacks of Dashboard?

Dashboard is great for those who are tech savvy and want to take their social media campaigns into their hands, this software doesn’t have the capabilities of functions available through alternative social media management tools.

Although Dashboard serves as a helping hand for those with little social media experience, there is only so much it can teach you about digital marketing and interact with your current and potential customers in an appropriate manner.

For this reason, we recommend leaving your social media strategy in the hands of a digital marketing firm such as Jumping Spider Media, who can perfect a mix of targeted sales marketing and engaging content to build your online brand.