In a fiercely competitive online world, you can certainly benefit from finding ways of building links that many of your competitors are less likely to have used or even heard of. There are, of course, many highly traditional ways of amassing links, including guest posting on blogs and using social media – and we wouldn’t tell you to stop regularly turning to those tried-and-trusted techniques. However, you could find that the following less well-known but powerful link building techniques could give you the promotional boost that you need to really stand out from the competition.

Post on question-and-answer websites

Are you familiar with question-and-answer websites like Yahoo Answers and Quora? These are both websites where users can post questions and then receive answers from other users. Keep a close eye on the questions that are asked on these sites. Then, once you see a question that you can give a useful and comprehensive answer to, put that answer in a blog post on your website and link to that post in a summary of that answer that you give on the question-and-answer website.

Have links in free or financially inexpensive e-books

Do you think you are good at writing books that many people would want to read? If so, this could be particularly effective. Start by looking for websites through which people can publish and download e-books – preferably commonly used ones like Amazon and SmashWords. You should then have a very high quality e-book, in which you have placed links to your own website, published through the e-book publishing websites. Your book’squality is crucial, because you will need the book to attain a five star rating or near it in order for it to attract a usefully high level of traffic.