Becoming a big deal on Twitter definitely doesn’t happen overnight. It’s something that is diligently built over a period of months by an online business that knows how to keep its followers engaged and participating in any discussions that arise.

It all helps to build up an image of your company as an authority in its field – but what should you do to ensure success on this ubiquitous micro-blogging platform?

It’s social… so be social

Social media is all about interaction – the clue is in the name. Don’t fall into the trap that so many businesses do of just posting advertisements about the company and its products.

Show a wider interest in your sector and what people with an interest in your products or services would also have an interest in, and you’ll almost certainly attract more followers and – dare we say it – sales. Show that the posts are being made by a real person, not a soulless corporate drone.

Help people out… and be well-versed in hashtags

It applies just as much to other social media platforms, of course, but be sure to help out people who communicate with your account, responding immediately to any complaints and queries and trying not to hide behind a generic “we appreciate your feedback…” type line. Being polite and respectful is also all-important, of course.

Consider some Twitter giveaways as well, and make sure you know how to use those sometimes notorious hashtags. If at all possible, use relevant hashtags that get a decent amount of attention, but don’t overuse them – one or two per post is fine.

Avoid a #susanalbumparty style controversy, and with these tips, you should be well on the way to an impactful Twitter presence.