If you are struggling to get the word out about your company, handing many promotional responsibilities over to someone else can help you relieve lingering anguish. However, you should be careful who you task with promotion – and this is where brand ambassadors can come in.

What is a brand ambassador?

You might occasionally be confused by the term “brand ambassador” – and perhaps even confuse it with “brand advocate”. Still, while a brand advocate would typically be a consumer who likes your offerings and recommends them, they might be called a brand ambassador if you seek their help.

Furthermore, a brand ambassador might appreciate your product so much that they will happily promote it without payment or prompting from you. Also, as brand ambassadors tend to be gurus in their fields, they can especially effectively persuade their followers.

How could brand ambassadors feed into your firm’s growth?

If you recruit a brand ambassador who regularly adds fresh content to their own social media pages on Facebook and Twitter, you can expect them to sometimes mention your company and product on those platforms, too. Their genuine love for that product will sufficiently motivate them to do so.

For exactly this reason, their recommendation will come across as genuine to people who follow that person. The public can easily sniff out insincere promotion, so choose an ambassador who truly fits your company’s ethos and offerings rather than simply someone who is well-known.

You ought to also, in writing, agree with the ambassador what perks – like free products or price cuts – you will give them and for what amount of work. You also shouldn’t forget to share their posts and tweets on your own social media accounts, the promotional strength of which can be bolstered with help from our social media experts.