Okay, so it turns out that the story about smartphones rendering humans’ attention spans shorter than those of goldfish has been debunked… or, at least, hasn’t been conclusively proven by research. Still, attention spans can be understandably short, given the tough competition websites face online.

The reassuring news is that, even if you did have just eight seconds to make a positive impression, that would remain enough time for you to do so. Better still, that impression could be sufficiently powerful to tempt the visitor into staying. Here are three simple things you can do…

Understand your ideal customers inside out

It might be a bitter pill to swallow, but people landing on your site don’t really care about you or your company; they just want to know what you have to offer them. You must clarify that offer in the few seconds you’re granted, which is easier after you’ve profiled your ideal customers.

Replicate your target customers’ “voice”

Thoroughly understanding these customers entails much more than knowing what demographics they fall into. You need to know their lifestyles, how their brains tick and, as you can glean from their reviews of your company, their language.

Knowing their parlance can help you to form textual copy, including your company’s main branding slogan, capable of resonating with these people quickly. 

Complement this text with the right visuals

It’s inescapable that the right imagery can grab and keep attention more effectively than text alone; it’s a major reason why many of us prefer film adaptations of books to the actual books. However, the images you display should back up the text.

For example, images of your target customers could help drive home the point that you understand people who fit this profile. Our copywriters can craft engrossing text that provides further colour on exactly how and why.