With SEO having always been characterised by constant change, it’s important to keep up to date with the latest developments in the field, in response to the alteration to Google’s algorithms that happens hundreds of times a year.

Such techniques as article syndication, meta-keyword tags and over-relying on anchor text, for example, are all firmly ‘out’. As for what’s ‘in’, ambitious online companies are urged to focus even more heavily on content creation and promotion in 2014, alongside conversion optimisation and simply providing users with the best possible all-round experience.

Talk to Jumping Spider Media about how we can create the most relevant and useful content for you – content that Google has always loved, but which it has probably never loved more than it does now. Speak to us, too, about how we can make your content more impactful via the intelligent use of social media, outreach, paid advertising and public relations.

For all of the sense of ‘new’ that comes with each highly-publicised Google algorithm update, it’s important to remember that some things never really change in SEO. A search engine’s ultimate goal will always be to provide their users with the best, most relevant answers to their search queries. By combining remarkable content with the most positive overall experience for your website visitors, you can gain some degree of protection from the often violent effects on search rankings that a new algorithm change can have.

Best wishes from everyone at Jumping Spider Media for 2014!