If your business wants to grow reliably, it should keep not only attracting new customers but also enticing them into making repeat purchases from your company. Setting up a loyalty program can help you to do that, but it carries particular implications if you want to attract millennials.

While 63% of this demographic cohort prize loyalty schemes, 70% engage with under half of those of which they are members. Heed the following millennial wants to help narrow the engagement gap.

Easy accessibility on a smartphone

Research reported by Business 2 Community suggests that 97% of Millennials are likelier to participate in a rewards scheme should it be accessible from a smartphone.

This shouldn’t overly startle when you consider that, judging from a Google statistic, nearly 90% of your millennial customers likely always have their smartphone with them.

A commitment to social causes

Millennials like to think that the companies from which they buy exercise social responsibility in spades. If your company relies on sustainable production methods or is often involved with community initiatives, this can raise its reputation in the eyes of millennial customers.

How can you leverage your firm’s social responsibility efforts to foster stronger loyalty in these customers? You could commit to donating a particular amount of money per points tally.

A strong presence on various social media channels

You can’t expect to make a good impression on millennial customers if you don’t know where they are… so, where are they exactly? Often, on social media.

At Jumping Spider Media, we can help strengthen your attempts to engage with millennials effectively. We could, for example, incorporate elements of your loyalty program into your social media channels or design a website easy to see on a range of smartphone displays.

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