We have already recently emphasised the importance of positivity in the language that your company uses in online promotion. However, it is worth pointing out a very topical demonstration of the widespread appeal of happiness: the big success of the latest Disney/Pixar film, Inside Out.

Amazing financial return for Inside Out

In June, Inside Out amassed more revenue at a North American theatrical opening than any other original film – in other words, a non-sequel or work not based on any pre-existing source – in history. Of course, Pixar’s track record and Inside Out’s very favourable reviews have helped it along the way, but we reckon that its combination of both brilliant originality and joyful character have also done their bit.

Your company can appear happier – with our help

Forefront in much of Inside Out’s marketing has been Joy, the personification of happiness voiced, aptly, by effervescent comedian Amy Poehler. It’s difficult not to be drawn by Joy’s upbeat personality even in the teaser trailers that Disney had released long before the film itself.

You, too, can attract many people to your company by communicating similarly positive vibes. Jumping Spider Media can, for your company’s website, write copy that effectively radiates warmth.