The theorised “paradox of choice” – the situation where a large degree of choice can make people indecisive – can seem surprisingly applicable to the world of marketing. You have many marketing means at your disposal, but which of them should you select for the best results?

You might have disregarded SMS marketing – otherwise known as text marketing – on account of its age, but it has a renewed relevance now that many people daily spend hours on their phones.

SMS marketing in a nutshell

This type of marketing method can be succinctly described as one allowing your business to send SMS – short message service – messages to prospects and customers. Naturally, the content of those messages can be a crucial influence on whether sales result.

In any case, it is vital that the recipients have opted in to receive these messages. This is not only due to recently introduced GDPR privacy requirements but also because willing recipients of your marketing messages are likelier to respond to them in the way you want.

Through print and web-based publicity channels, you could specify a keyword which a phone user is required to text to a specific number if they want to initiate the opt-in process.

Why does SMS marketing still work in 2018?

It’s tempting to brand text marketing an outdated promotional procedure firmly supplanted in effectiveness by more modern methods, like email marketing. However, with smartphone usage having recently reached historic highs, you could neglect SMS at your own company’s peril.

Recall how speedily you tend to look at your phone screen after hearing the digitised sound indicating that a message has come through. Your own firm’s customers and prospects could easily react just as promptly, as we can elaborate further if you contact us by phone on 020 3070 1959.