Who you gonna call?

Whether you’re calling out for Siri, Alexa, Cortana or… that Google one – it’s crazy to think how far our web searching abilities have come in just a few short years. Recording devices have been around since the time of Thomas Edison in the 19th century, but creating a device that could record, recognise and understand speech took much longer. Although the first commercially successful speech recognition software first appeared in the early 1990s, it wasn’t until Apple revolutionised the mobile phone world with their iPhone that voice search as we know it today really started to take off. In 2008, Google launched their own version of a voice search app for the iPhone, but this was nixed when Apple released their own, the now famous Siri, in 2011. By 2020, it is estimated that 50% of all searches will be voice based.

Use SEO to improve your ratio…

Something to consider here is the ever growing, constantly developing world of Search Engine Optimization, commonly abbreviated as SEO. This is the process of making sure that your website appears on high on the list of search engine results by using words within your webpages to ensure a high placement. The importance of SEO can never be underestimated by digital marketers, a term that could here be loosely described as anyone who aims to generate an income or run a business via an online platform. Have a look here for a short, clear explanation of SEO and what utilising it can do for you.

By embracing the concept of SEO and voice searching, you’re more likely to place your website higher and increase the traffic to your website. Consider your use of long words over short ones. When a web user searches something using their voice app, it becomes a conversation of sorts, so they don’t use the short words or condensed phrases they’d often type into a search engine.

The online world is becoming faster and web searchers demand answers quicker. And that’s where voice search comes in.

It’s just a lazy way of Googling. 

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