If your landing page successfully converts visitors into leads, buyers, or subscribers, then it’s probably doing a good job at being effective. However, if your landing page is performing poorly at converting visitors into buyers, it’s time to optimise your conversion rates.

Exploit the potential of your headline

More often than not; the headline of your landing page will be the first thing to greet a visitor. With this in mind, you should make it as powerful and as compelling as possible. Although this is just one simple change, it’s likely to have a huge effect on your conversion rate, as visitors are likely to remain on the site for longer.  

Match ad copy

If the ad copy of your landing page doesn’t match the headline or URL, it’s possible that visitors will become confused and bounce immediately away – hence making the two the same is advisable. Doing so will not only lower the bounce rate of your site, but also create an easier transition for the visitor as well as improving your AdWords Quality Score.

Go steady on information overload

Trying to find the balance of how much copy to include on your landing page can be difficult. Too little copy and you will struggle to persuade them to act whilst too much copy may cause them to bounce. Deciding how much information to include on a landing page often boils down to the complexity of the service you are offering and how you want visitors to act.

If the services you offer are considered to be complex, or often includes a product being sold in large quantities, more information is generally required. This will help to ease any concerns the customer may have, and also reassure prospects to help tip the purchase. However, small purchases or less complex services won’t require as much information, as there will be fewer concerns surrounding the purchase.

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