In his 1902 story collection ‘Just So Stories’, the writer Rudyard Kipling accompanied the story ‘The Elephant’s Child’ with a poem that opens with some of the most famous and quoted lines attributed to Kipling:

I keep six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who

Mentioned here are what have become commonly dubbed the ‘Five Ws’ – five questions that are often considered fundamental to find answers for when gathering information. Many news journalists, researchers and police investigators keep them in mind during the course of their work, and we at Jumping Spider Media know that these questions can also assist in crafting good blog posts.

The Five Ws can help us to cover all bases

Though we know that finding answers to all of the Five Ws should not be considered crucial for writing effective blog posts, we reckon that they can still provide a good guide and starting point. After all, when we write a blog post for a website like yours, we don’t want the reader to feel confused about inexplicable gaps in the subject focused upon in the post. If they do, they could leave your website and even develop a less than favourable impression of that website.

Jumping Spider Media can write exceedingly good blog posts

We could elaborate further on the usefulness of the Five Ws, but we know that, even for your benefit, we don’t strictly have to. That’s because, when you ask Jumping Spider Media to craft useful and pleasant-to-read blog posts for your website, you can leave us to take account of the Five Ws so you don’t have to. Turns out it wasn’t just cakes that Rudyard Kipling was good with… or are we confusing him with someone else there?