Unsurprisingly, there have been reports in recent weeks of some firms lowering their amount of spend on Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

Such a bleak picture hasn’t been the case for all organisations, though. Indeed, some sectors have actually found their products or services to be in particular demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, with firms in these industries often upping their paid search spending as a result.

So, which of these camps is your brand in? And shouldyou be lowering your Google Ads or other PPC budget at this time, even if it looks superficially like the obvious thing to do? Or is now the moment to heighten spending or even use a smaller budget differently?

There can be good reasons to stay the course… or change it

Sadly, an awful lot of brands that make well-meaning cuts to their PPC expenditure during an economic downturn, end up doing themselves harm.

The fact is that it’s often not a good idea to reduce your marketing spending when sales are down. When you do, the consequence is likely to be further reduced sales, which in turn, could send you quickly spiralling down to the bottom.

But on the other hand, depending on your brand’s products or services that you are showcasing through PPC, it might be the case that the circumstances brought about by COVID-19 have made continued sales almost impossible. If this sounds like your situation, you may need to ask some profound questions about the direction of your brand’s marketing.

As a general rule, though, if you can afford to continue PPC marketing, there’s often little reason to stop it – even amid the chaos of a pandemic. If you’re currently spending, for example, £30 a day on PPC, and generating £100 in sales, calling a halt to it could mean that you are effectively throwing away £70 a day, rather than saving £30.

Talk to Jumping Spider Media about the right route forward

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