In some ways, it might seem curious that we would bring up the subject of your brand’s New Year marketing plans right now. After all, you are probably currently ‘all hands on deck’, trying to negotiate your way through the rush of the festive season.

But in other ways, it makes absolute sense. 2022 will be here before any of us have got used to the idea, and by putting in well-considered plans as early as possible, you can help steal a march on your industry rivals.

You might imagine that there is no real catch-all formula for marketing success, with every brand having different circumstances and needs. And to a large extent, you would be right! However, the below broad recommendations for how a marketing budget can be used wisely are likely to serve you well during 2022, almost regardless of other factors.

Make sure you actually have a budget

You might be surprised to learn that many business owners, even in the 2020s, don’t really operate with a predetermined budget for their marketing. From a certain angle, this might seem understandable, if you run a small business.  

But even if you can’t devote much funding to your brand’s marketing in 2022, you are still likely to be more successful when you actually set a budget, than if you had shrugged your shoulders and spent on a more random and ad-hoc basis over the year.

By determining a specific budget for the year now, you can help ensure your resources are allocated effectively, focusing on whatever is likely to genuinely support your business’s growth. This can also be key to minimising your time spent going down ‘blind alleys’.

Allocate some of your budget to developing yourself

We don’t always hear as much as we should about the importance of entrepreneurs and small business owners continuing to build on their own capabilities and expertise.

This seems odd to us, given that so much of business marketing is about positioning yourself as a trustworthy authority in your sector – something that will be much trickier to accomplish if you lack up-to-date knowledge.

The leading experts in a particular industry are continually upgrading their skills and knowledge. They attend seminars and webinars, consume books, embark on relevant training courses, keep informed on the latest goings-on in their sector, and generally improve themselves.

As a result, they are better placed to promote their business effectively, and the benefits that their products and services can bring to their target audiences’ lives.  

Attend live events – where possible and safe

Networking – and learning how to do so effectively – will always be a key part of what it is to be a small business owner. And with events organisers having increasingly found ways to hold conferences, trade shows and similar events safely, 2022 could be a great time to schedule in visits to relevant live events in your area.

Of course, with the pandemic having led to many previously offline events being moved online, you might not even need to leave your home or office in order to attend a really memorable event in 2022 that could benefit your business.

Still, if sensible measures have been put in place to help ensure safety, it could be well worth attending at least one or two offline events if you can. Making new contacts in ‘real life’ can be a powerful experience, and as the threat of the coronavirus (hopefully!) recedes in 2022, you might want to seize upon the chance to practise the neglected art of good networking once more.

One more thing…

Is something missing from the above list? Well, you might be wondering why we haven’t been telling you about such things as online content writing and social media. There’s a good reason for that: it’s often best to trust professionals with handling these aspects of your marketing, rather than trying to take them on entirely by yourself.

So, yes, just to emphasise, digital marketing services like the above are definitely also ones we would urge you to carefully consider when allocating your marketing budget for 2022. For a more detailed discussion of how the Jumping Spider Media team could help you with these crucial aspects – while offering highly competitive prices for our services – please feel free to get in touch with us today.