The idea of having to optimise your brick-and-mortar retail business’s online presence for the search engines may seem pretty intimidating if you don’t exactly have much knowledge of SEO or what you need to do to enhance yours.

One thing that you definitely can’t do is simply ignore SEO. Even in the case of the smallest and most local of businesses, these days, the tendency is increasingly for potential customers to search for such firms online before clambering into their car and driving there to make their purchase.

So with that in mind, here are some of the steps that you will need to take to maximise your local retail store’s chances of SEO success.

Scrutinise your website

There are so many ways in which your business’s current website could be losing you vital rankings in the search engines.

Yes, you’ll definitely need to analyse your keywords and consider whether you have the right ones for success. But you’ll also need to think about the likes of your meta tags, how quickly your website loads and whether there are any broken links on your site.

Undertake keyword research

The right keywords remain vital to any company’s SEO effectiveness, but the situation for smaller, local businesses slightly differs from that for organisations with a more national or international outlook.

The last five years have seen a big surge in ‘near me’ searches, so you’ll certainly need to consider the ‘search intent’ of your local target audience. What words are they likely to hammer into Google when they are seeking out a nearby brick-and-mortar retail store like yours?

Register social media accounts

Your firm will not exude professionalism these days unless it has a presence on social media, and that presence needs to be an active and frequently updated one to reap the maximum SEO benefits.

Social media is a brilliant channel for spreading awareness about your company and its culture, values, products, services and promotions, which can have great direct and indirect advantages for SEO. It’s also highly effective for cultivating the interest and loyalty of your customers.

However, the best approach for success on each social network varies – Twitter, for example, can bring great results for you when you make the most intelligent use of hashtags, but it’s pretty pointless to use hashtags at all on your Facebook page.

Naturally, these aren’t the only things that will need to think about when you wish to build an impactful SEO profile for your brick-and-mortar retail outlet. Get in touch with the Jumping Spider Media team today, and we can oversee an all-encompassing approach to your business’s SEO to help deliver the best possible rankings and drive interest and sales.