The Romans and Napoleon both tried to build one, but eventually failed in their attempts and are today very much with us only in history books. Tried to build what exactly? Simple: an empire! And what exactly does any of this history have to do with social media and how you could use it to great promotional effect? Basically, it can teach you that building your own empire – a social media empire, to be exact – is possible, but you shouldn’t overlook the big challenge of maintaining it…

We at Jumping Spider Media can help with your big mission

Expanding your company’s social media presence and keeping it intact is not easy, given the many other companies working hard to meet the same aims. Therefore, in the same way that Napoleon drew upon an encyclopedic amount of military knowledge to win so many of his battles, you need good strategies for getting ahead of the competition on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. But how on earth can you learn what is needed to get ahead? With a huge helping hand from us at Jumping Spider Media.

However, you also need to consider that Napoleon didn’t win so many battles with just knowledge – he used effective weapons, too. We can provide you with “weapons” in the form of software tools with proven success for helping with promotional campaigns on social media. Where you should differ from Napoleon is that, with assistance from our social media experts, you don’t have to meet your Waterloo.