Many business owners, by the early 2020s, have come to appreciate that they will almost certainly require some kind of social media marketing campaign for spreading awareness about their brand online. What they might not realise so much, however, is the importance of having a definite plan for their creation and publication of social media content.

When we say this, we don’t mean to give the impression that it’s an overly difficult process to plan out your brand’s social media posts – because it isn’t. Nonetheless, it does need work.

The key stages of planning what your business posts on social media

We could sum up the most effective process for planning a brand’s social media content as follows: setting goals, auditing, deciding on a calendar, implementing the strategy, and measuring the results. When you make all of the right moves across these stages, you can be more confident of delivering a social media marketing campaign that brings in the right traffic and results.

While goal setting, for example, is about being clear in relation to what you wish to achieve with your social media marketing, and therefore tailoring your content to meet those goals, the ‘audit’ process centres on scrutinising previous content to pinpoint what does work and what doesn’t work. That, in turn, will enable you to fine-tune your future social media content for success.

The need for a ‘content calendar’ is something else that a lot of businesses might not immediately understand – but it can be crucial to ensuring your brand communicates via its social channels in a consistent and impactful way. Then, there’s the implementation side of things, which is largely about helping your social media content to penetrate beyond the boundaries of whatever platforms – such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – it has been published on.

Finally, your social media marketing plan should include the measuring of your results. We would advise you to measure the outcomes of your social media campaigns over time, and to compare these against your set goals, so that you can suitably tweak your approach going forward.

We’ll help put together the perfect digital marketing formula for you

If you’re determined to have a coherent online marketing plan for your business – encompassing the most effective social media strategy, content writing, search engine optimisation (SEO) and more – please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jumping Spider Media.

Our online marketing professionals will help string all of these elements together, so that your brand is more visible and appealing to the right audiences for many months and years to come.