Let’s imagine that you run an online business and want to get your organisation’s site ranked highly for relevant terms that your target customers are likely to search for in Google – for example, ‘large screen TVs’ or ‘IT support in Bradford’.

There’s only one thing for it – contacting someone who knows a thing or two about search engine optimisation(SEO). Or perhaps Pay Per Click (PPC)…

Are these two options really so different?

The chances are that you’ve heard about how both SEO and PPC can get your site in front of more of the right eyes, thereby maximising your online traffic, sales and ultimate revenues.

SEO, though, is the art of getting your site to rank highly in the ‘natural’ search results, including by using such techniques as link building and content writing. PPC, meanwhile, produces something that may look like a natural search result, but isn’t.

The former, in practice, entails having an SEO expert or agency work their magic on moving your site up the search rankings naturally for certain keywords. By comparison, with the latter, you are effectively paying Google (through its popular AdWords PPC platform) to place your site at the top.

It’s not the obvious choice that you might presume…

No, PPC isn’t quite the ‘no-brainer’ that we may have just made it appear to be. Sure, it’s great for getting you instant exposure at the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs), so it does offer a certain security as a promotion method. But on the other hand, you’ll pay a lot for that privilege for the most in-demand search terms, and its returns simply can’t compare to those that SEO can bring.

Compared to PPC, SEO requires that you ‘play the long game’. It’ll take you potentially months to start seeing significant improvement in your search engine rankings as a result of an SEO campaign, and there is no guarantee that you will achieve great results at all. After all, even the best-informed SEO professional can’t possibly know the intimate ins and outs of Google’s current search algorithms, or how they may change in future – that being very much Google’s doing.

That said, when the benefits of SEO do kick in after a determined and well-executed campaign, they tend to be massive. Ordinary search users trust the organic rankings in a way that just doesn’t apply to the paid rankings. The latter are still, when it comes down to it, adverts, and we probably all distrust anything that vaguely resembles an advert.

So, what to do? Use both!

Of course, there’s an easy solution to this tricky choice – use both SEO and PPC in your online marketing efforts to enjoy the greatest benefits of each. It’s what the leading websites do, and it’s what we would advise you to do, too. Nor is such a two-pronged effort necessarily as much of a drain on your organisation’s marketing budget as you might presume.

Are you eager to learn more about how SEO and PPC can be made to work together in support of the cause of powering your site up the search engine rankings? In that case, there really is only one thing to do – talk to Jumping Spider Media about how, together, we can make it possible.