The appetising acronym ‘E-A-T’ is one that you might have come across more and more often in recent times, although it’s actually nothing new. Indeed, Google added it to its search quality guidelines way back in 2014.

In short, E-A-T stands for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.

That sounds all well and good. But why should getting your own brand’s E-A-T right while optimising for strong search engine rankings be an especially pressing priority in 2020?

A great user experience is great news for everyone

There has long been a debate about whether E-A-T is in some way part of Google’s algorithm that directly determines how websites rank for particular keywords, or whether it otherwise exerts an influence on that algorithm.

But this blog post isn’t concerned with the more technical aspects of E-A-T. Instead, we’re focusing more on the question of why – regardless of whether the answers to the above questions are “yes” or “no” – your brand should especially care about E-A-T.

A lot of this is about user experience, or UX – and remember that Google is big on user experience. And because Google is all about user experience, your brand should be, too.

Every update that Google rolls out is centred on improving the user experience, helping human users to quickly find relevant and useful content characterised by expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.

And of course, because of this focus, someone has to lose out. More specifically, the losers tend to be those brands that don’t place sufficient emphasis on E-A-T, or that even just try to ‘game the system’ to improve their rankings, through unethical practices like spammy, useless content or buying poor-quality backlinks.

Get your business’s SEO diet just right in 2020

Not unlike how a lot of us are now trying to throw ourselves into ambitious new dieting and fitness routines to shed those pounds gained during lockdown, so plenty of brands are also becoming more conscientious about what they, erm… E-A-T.

In fact, that little acronym has only become even more important in the COVID-19 era, in which misinformation and fake news continues to abound. Brands that focus carefully on their online E-A-T can really help to combat that, while enjoying improved search engine rankings in return.

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