When it comes to Jim Carrey films, it seems that repetition can often be perceived as good. Just think of Dumb & Dumber, Liar Liar and, er, Ace Ventura. Well, he did star in two Ace Ventura films… Anyway, if you operate a small business and want to boost its website’s SEO without spending too much cash, we would urge you not to take lessons from the bonkers Canadian-born actor. Not that we would have exactly expected you to take them, but we want to emphasise the importance of cutting out repetitive information on the website of your small business.

A website shouldn’t always be like a broken record

Typically, the SEO efforts for that website would not be undermined if it has duplicated information. Still, sometimes, repeated information can confuse search bots of search engines like Google. This situation can then lead the website to be ranked lower than would usually be the case in search engine results pages. Hence, removing information that has been repeated to no serious benefit can be a surprisingly cost-effective technique for improving SEO.

Read these instructions carefully for better SEO

You can take the initial step towards removing this information by loading up Google Webmaster before clicking ‘Search Appearances’ and then ‘HTML Improvements’. You can then see what characters, like title tags and meta descriptions, are repeated in your website’s HTML code. Also, use Google Webmaster Tools to look for duplicate pages. You should then be better positioned to identify unneeded duplicate information to remove.

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