For companies promoting themselves through PPC, it can be arduous to find terms to bid on that are inexpensive, but also genuinely effective in attracting visitors to their website through Google. However, they are likely looking right at such terms on every working day. That’s because, for just about any company, bidding on their branded terms can prove surprisingly fruitful.

The idea’s not as bonkers as you might think…

Nonetheless, you might remain hesitant to try this particular PPC tactic. Perhaps you just can’t comprehend why you should spend money on phrases that are already appearing prominently in organic search listings, or you fear that your organic traffic could be cannibalised by paid traffic.

However, there is a reliable method to our madness. Bidding on these terms can help you to amass even more listings in search engine results pages, in the process giving searchers a stronger impression that your company is a leading one. Plus, your competitors might already be cleverly bidding on your branded queries; bidding on them yourself will help you to undermine their efforts. Advice and support from the PPC gurus at Jumping Spider Media can also, so to speak, serve as a valuable weapon in your arsenal.