One big reason why turning to Jumping Spider Media for our link building expertise can be so crucial for your website’s success is that link building is a marketing process that should continue for as long as your website continues. Link building is about helping to ensure that your website remains relevant to both search engines and people who use them – but what your website needs to be to stay relevant can develop and change over time. Its link profile therefore needs to develop and change, too.

More detailed reasons why building links should be an ongoing process

The Internet is a constantly changing beast, and so creating new links regularly will help you to spot new and exciting opportunities to give your website extra promotional juice. Also, unattended links will naturally “decay” over time, and so fresh links are necessary to counter the adverse effects of this.

Finally, the online marketplace can be fiercely competitive, especially if your website caters for a relatively broad audience, and so you need to continue adding links in order to keep pace with competing websites – whose owners could even be reading this article as you are, and so be well aware of the importance of continual link building!