Remember when you used to play hide-and-seek as a child? We are sure that you have fond memories of it; however, when embarking on an SEO campaign, you certainly shouldn’t try to resurrect those times of joyfully concealing yourself. Maybe we should be more specific… basically, you shouldn’t try to hide text, links or keywords in order to improve the SEO for your website. All search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo included – are sufficiently advanced to be capable of spotting hidden activity on your website. They could also, due to spotting such activity, impose serious penalties.

What exactly are hidden text, links and keywords?

They can be defined as text, links and keywords that are made the same colour as the website’s background and so are immediately invisible to website users. These users would, of course, be able to see the information if they dragged their mouse cursor over it; however, this kind of visibility could still see you risking your website being hit with penalties that could seriously harm the website from an online promotional point of view. The website should also not include text that is too small for many users of the website to see clearly.