“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.” This sentiment is commonly attributed to the English writer Rudyard Kipling – who, as we have already established, seems a surprisingly good source of advice for crafting good web copy. He is indeed right about storytelling being a powerful tool; here, we explain why it can be promotionally fruitful for your business.

From Rudyard Kipling, we go on to mention… Darth Vader

Good stories are hugely memorable; we all still clearly remember, for example, how Luke Skywalker learned who his father is. No, you don’t need to don Darth Vader’s dark cloak – you just need to keep in mind the fundamental narrative elements of plot, conflict and dialogue and how they could be seamlessly incorporated into your company’s web copy.

Memorable web copy matters because so many competing businesses will constantly claim that they can do this, this and that to a higher standard than your business. Key to being memorable is being unique, and Jumping Spider Media can provide copy that focuses on what makes your business unique. After all, how many Star Wars rip-offs do you still remember as vividly as the actual Star Wars?