While many modern marketers might still deem Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns indispensable in their online promotion arsenal, there’s also a certain amount of scepticism surrounding PPC. It’s easy to reckon that, in 2019, PPC is on the way out and word-of-mouth (WOM) is dethroning it.

However, does this assumption really hold water? Of course, the answer isn’t entirely clear-cut, as optimum success in digital marketing depends on leveraging various methods. While WOM can indeed give you staying power, here’s why Google Ads can provide the lift-off you need beforehand.

You can get noticed by the right people

Although ad spots are up for grabs on various platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, Google Ads still takes the largest slice of digital ad revenue. This service is, after all, thoroughly ‘tried and tested’, not least as its ads pop up in front of people who are actively looking for solutions.

This marks Google Ads out from ads on social media sites – as unlike those, Google is primarily geared around providing people with direct answers to their queries. Hence, a plumbing company can easily bring its ad to the notice of people Googling a query like “how to get pipes fixed”.

How the costs can add up to great success

Ultimately, Google Ads is a PPC system, and Pay Per Click is so-called as that is exactly what you do when using such a service. Exactly how much you pay can be influenced by the competitiveness of the keywords for which your ads are optimised, but even the more expensive clicks can still represent great value.

That’s because you are not simply buying awareness – an actual click instead represents a lead. We can help you to maximise your returns from Google Ads – and as your business becomes better-known, that’s when word-of-mouth can kick in to start taking up more of the slack.