It’s fair to say that, in the early years of TripAdvisor, some hoteliers hoped that their customers would not post reviews to the site. After all, if TripAdvisor was unpopular or wasn’t around, it would’ve been easier for these staffers to promote their services in a positive light… surely? Actually, that’s not strictly true. There are surprisingly compelling reasons why reviews to that site can really benefit hotels.

Can reviews really help? Even negative ones?

One big reason is that TripAdvisor is now such a popular site that it would be silly for hotel staff to pretend that it doesn’t exist. Acting in this way could therefore damage a hotel’s reputation in the longer term. Another reason is that, while positive reviews will obviously help matters, even indifferent or negative reviews could strangely benefit should – crucially – the hotel staff react appropriately.

How a hotelier should react to an unfavourable review

We have already previously posted advice for how such staff should react to bad reviews on sites like TripAdvisor. However, we can elaborate further on this. We can, for example, note that not only can replying to negative reviews indicate acceptance of the customer’s right to publicly post reviews, it can also give the replier the opportunity to profusely apologise for letting the customer down. They can also invite the reviewer to call or email back for their concerns to be thoroughly discussed. Such reactions can be hugely beneficial for reputation management – and we can teach more on this subject.