It’s one thing to know you want to make your brand successful online, but it’s quite another thing to know how to measure that success. Well, keeping track of your website’s click-through rates is one of the finest ways to do exactly that.  

In short, the click-through rate (CTR) is a ratio that shows your business how often people are seeing your ad or listing in the search engines, and then actually clicking on it. 

Here are just three reasons why CTR is so crucial and useful.  

  1. It enables you to see how frequently people interact with your ad or listing  

Although you might have seen data about the number of times your ad or listing was seen by a user, this does not tell you how many of these people went as far as interacting with your ad.  

This is important, as parameters such as impression data can be misleading when considered in isolation. Instead, click-through rates can show you how many of the people who see your ad actually interact with it and click it.  

  1. You can see how many people didn’t interact with your ad or listing  

Conversely, CTR also helps show you how many people did not interact with your ad or listing. If you have a bad click-through rate, this can indicate to you that there is room for improvement with your ad.  

You might improve click-through rate by adding or improving compelling title tags, a relevant page URL, informative meta data, and the capitalisation of keywords.  

  1. It allows you to more accurately measure performance  

Overall, the click-through rate allows your business to more accurately figure out how well your SEO listing or ad is performing. This means you can also track the performance over time, seeing how it changes under certain conditions.  

If you are looking to optimise CTRs on your next Google Ad or blog post, just get in touch with the team at Jumping Spider Media to see how we can help your business grow. We can provide regular monthly reporting on traffic, rankings and conversions to help you keep an eye on your brand’s visibility and impact online.