Of all of the various industries in the world, the hospitality industry is among those most influenced by online reputation. This is because, when many people prepare for travel, they like to use the Internet to research different hospitality services, before they decide which of these services to use. If you run a hotel, you should be particularly aware that 93% of people surveyed by the travel website TripAdvisor consider reviews crucial when deciding what hotel to book. Below, we explain further about why good reputation management, which you can achieve with help from Jumping Spider Media, can contribute much towards your hotel’s success.

A better reputation can mean a better financial performance

Your hotel’s financial performance in particular can be influenced by reviews or other feedback about the hotel written by people who have actually stayed at the hotel and published their opinions online. 53% of the aforementioned people that TripAdvisor surveyed revealed that they would not book accommodation in a hotel without learning the opinion of a guest. Hence, you should treat positive reviews about your accommodation as nuggets of gold and, when negative reviews appear, endeavour to diminish their effect and take the criticisms into account in order to make the hotel better… and, through doing this, encourage more positive reviews in future.

Jumping Spider Media can help you and your hotel

We can assist in preserving and boosting your hotel’s reputation by making sure that, when people search for information about your hotel through Google, the first page of search results is dominated by favourable information. The nature of the Internet means that making negative information less visible can be much easier than getting rid of it, and we can have such information about your business pushed down onto pages where it is much less likely to be seen.